Sandcastles of Our Minds

We erected sand castles on the shore

I designed them and you painstakingly formed them

Into edifices complete with turrets, flags, and moats.

We even won the contest for the most authentic.

Now the only castles we build are in our imaginations.

You don’t even recognize your queen anymore and I

am sad at the ravages that alzheimers has afflicted my king.

Oh, to be young again and sit at sunset and watch the tide

sweep away our castles, slowly and gently.

Perhaps we can sit on the balcony tonight and hold hands.

This may be the day you call me your queen again .


Ode to Pacific


Are you aware of your scope and sway,

that the moon controls your destiny?

High tide, low, or waning,

she sets the limit of your boundary.

For centuries man continued to aspire,

to ride your waves to unknown shores.

Times you spew him like dragon’s fire,

others you cradle him like a babe.

Poets forever speak of your beauty,

sonnets formed for you alone.

Romances blossom along your side,

to be washed away before the dawn.

Mankind mirrors your volatile moods.

Rising from the peace of the neap

to the height of powerful tsunamis,

mysteries lie buried in the deep