My Maestro

 (musical perspective of Psalm 23)

 The Lord is my composer, filling each moment with music.

His songs soothe my soul.

The notes are new each morning, like a prelude at dawn.

When the day’s stress becomes a crescendo,

He calms me with a synchronized sunset.

Amidst darkness He gives me melodies of praise.

Hope and joy are the keys He strokes on the keyboard of my heart.

He removes my sour notes and restores them with perfect pitch,

Bringing us all into His heavenly harmony


16 thoughts on “My Maestro

    • Thanks. I have another blog with more poetry but decided to have one for just posting for Poetry Potluck since I post more often than once a week and I am not very blog literate. Love to write and read the posts on poetry potluck. It has encouraged me to get more serious about not just non fiction, but my poetry had taken a back burner. I enjoy your blogsite very much.

  1. Psalm 23 is the most beautiful psalm and I love how you have shaped the ideas into this poem. I once took Genesis 1 and did the same thing using the arachic meanings of the words. When I was finished my understanding was far greater than before.

  2. Oh, Iris, this is truly a lovely tribute to our Creator. I, too, love this Psalm. I also love Psalm 139 and use the Psalms sometimes for inspiration. Today I wrote one about music in our spiritual lifes called “The Music Within.” I will post it in a few minutes. Thanks for visiting me. I enjoy your poetry so much. Am glad to hear you are going to be writing more. Hugs, pat

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